Group Report

A lively attendance of 24 ensured that the group’s New Year began where the old one left off with another busy meeting.

Bowleggett Manor’ incorporated Julien Webb’s latest scenic insert portraying an authentic croquet lawn with pavilion and surrounding garden (with game in progress). Traffic on the rails included Will King’s Chivers-bashed un-painted Kerr Stuart ‘Haig’ re-named ‘Sprig’ hauling the layout’s rake of loaded mineral wagons, Ben Powell’s ultra-smart new Tyneside Models 3D Kerr Stuart ‘Sirdar’ on Minitrains F&C chassis with Austrian 4-wheel coaches, Dick Johnson’s and Andy Foster’s Fourdees Bagnalls double-heading a mixed consist and David Churchill’s US Bachmann ‘Rheneas’, aka Talyllyn’s ‘Dolgoch’, still on the waiting list for facial surgery. On shed was Tim Williams’ nifty re-built Kato chassis with RT outside cranks awaiting a 3D vertical boiler superstructure.

Peter Hardy brought along his latest layout, ‘Kings Brandell’ now substantially complete with slate quarry and attractively-detailed pig farm, a rarely-seen feature featuring rare-breed saddleback pigs of the genus Peco Modelscene. A comprehensive track plan incorporates a hand-built curved point of 6in and 9in radiuses. Traffic included Peter’s Chivers-bashed un-painted Campbeltown & Macrihanish 0-6-2T on Minitrix chassis and Peter Cullen’s Paul Windle ‘Jurassic’.

Mike Wall displayed his latest compact layout ‘Wallsend & Brookesbridge Light Railway’ complete with interchangeable scenic inserts, running his goose-style Corgi Bedford bus on a Kato chassis, his CWR 3D freelance railcar neatly mounted on a pair of modified Kato ‘shorty’ chassis and Mac Strong’s Paul Windle freelance railcar.

Peter Cullen showed his re-built scenic linear test track with passing loop, three sidings, inboard two-road traverser and canal basin, all within 4ft x 9in. Use of a shoe-horn was suspected. A variety of storage buildings based on Wills and Ratio kits were either concealing point motors or had detailed and illuminated interiors. Traffic on the night included Peter’s Paul Windle Ransomes & Rapier 0-6-0T ‘Amalthea’ shunting assorted box vans.

John Davies’ metre-length metre-gauge (12mm) linear test track was running his Hornby ‘Desmond’ loco on Tillig 0-8-0 chassis and a laminated card scratch-built De Dion Bouton railcar on Berlinerbahn bo-bo chassis, brass Isle of Mann loco and a Welshpool 0-6-0T.

During the ‘Parish Notices’ segment of the meeting, Peter Cullen confirmed that he expected to be moving house imminently and so this was likely to be the last West Midlands meeting he would attend. As the only member with space at home to store the group’s layout ‘Bowleggett Manor’, it had been agreed that Peter would purchase the layout from the group and this has now happened. ‘‘Peter’s parting piqued a pack of Midlands modellers’’ – but he moves on to 009’s convivial countrywide community with our best wishes.

Teas, coffees and biscuits were efficiently out-shopped by Tim Williams and Peter Cullen – thank you gentlemen.

We meet at Moorfield Hall, Hartshill Road, Shard End, Birmingham, B34 6QX from 7.30 to 9.30pm on the second Monday of every month. There is a nominal charge of £3.00 to cover the costs of hall hire and refreshments. Our next meetings will be held on 12th February, 12th March and 9th April 2018.

If you have any queries, please contact Julien Webb at